Ram punching dies – Sharpening

To guarantee maximum efficiency, we sharpen and upkeep our cutting dies in a short time. Our equipment allows us to restore the original cutting geometry and return worn dies to pristine condition. The sharpening and upkeep service can be done both on our cutting dies and those made by other manufacturers.

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We are willing to offer non-binding quotations as well as our experience in cutting dies production to help you choosing the most suitable to your needs. For further information, please contact us via telephone or email.

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Services for flatbed dies

  • Design of packaging, cases, displays, folders and boxes of all kinds.
  • Laser-cut samples, hand-creased using any kind of carboard.
  • Male and female tools for Bobst machines and other autoplatine die cutters, counter matrix, counter pins, dynamic and standard stripping tools
  • Rubbers and sponges of different densities
  • Service of laser-burn only boards, maximum format 1700x1300mm.
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