Mabar is specialized in the production and distribution/sale of cutting dies. With over thirty years of experience, Mabar can fulfil all kinds of requests related to die cutting.
Modern working technologies enable our dies to cut paper, cardboard, adhesive material, aluminum, film and plastic with maximum precision. Mabar tools are compatible with many die-cutting machines, including the fastest and most modern.
We have the technical know-how to produce cutting dies for specific uses, all with exceptional operating characteristics.

Ram punching dies

Thanks to our longtime experience in the packaging industry, food and beverage in particular, we have a thorough knowledge of labels required by printing companies (IML, wet glue, and metal labels). Our production methods ensure light and versatile dies, excellent wear-resistant and hard.
Mabar manufactures precision punching tools for Blumer cutting machines, Busch cutting machines, Polar cutting machines, PMC cutting machines, Lombardi cutting machines, Caliari and other different brands of label converting machinery.

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Flatbed steel rule dies

Our flatbed dies, manufactured with birch wooden or plexiglass supports, can be employed with manual sinkers, Bobst, Heidelberg, Illig, Kiefel Technologies or any other kind of presses.
We can use blades of different heights (23.8 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 100) along with ejection rubbers of various density, suitable for different kinds of projects and material thickness.
Our cutting dies are suitable for different applications: paper industry, labels, folders, gaskets, rubbers and sponges, clamshell blisters, cups, visors and all kinds of thermoformed packaging.

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Fustellificio Fratelli Rossi

With many years of experience in the production of flatbed dies and ram punching dies, Fustellificio Fratelli Rossi, part of the Mabar Group, guarantees a precise and prompt service performed by a highly qualified team keen to respond to the customers’ different needs and requests.

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